Friday, October 19, 2012

Adding on to our house

We have begun the process of adding on to our house last week. It has taken many many months of meeting with the architect and to get a design . Then soil tests to figure out which foundation to use . Then Ryan had to line up all the people to get here and start the dirt work. This has been a long process and its a really good thing that I'm a patient person. Here are a few pics from the process so far .

Friday, June 15, 2012

Madis bday party

We had a big party planned at Lockwood pool and of course a huge storm system across 4 states comes through all weekend! But we didn't let it stop our little mermaids bday pool party! We got on the phone with family and came up with a plan! We rented a room at the embassy suites hotel downtown and they have an indoor pool . So we had all our friends come to the pool and we partied on!!! Pizza , cupcakes, and a pool that a party!

Family Beach trip 2012

We went to the beach the day after Weston's birthday party for a week. It was a blast! We took it easy didn't get in a hurry to go anywhere and were in bed by 9 every night . We ate great food an had great drinks ! My dad and sister were along for the ride and im pretty sure they loved it too ;) can't wait until next year!!!!!

Madilyn is 4

My baby is 4!!!!! How did this happen? It has gone by so fast! It's so weird I can't even remember what it was like before madi was here she has been such a joy to Ryan and I . She is so funny, smart and a sweet big sister, creative, and loves to play outside . She loves anything to do with water  pool, sprinkler,
Bath, shower you name it  if there is water involved she is all about it. . She is my sunshine every morning!

She loves to dance , she loves gymnastics and her newest activity is softball/teeball out here in the country there is a little league about 10 mins from our home. It's called pintlala and there is one field with lots of cute little kids all running around . Her age group goes from 4-6 boys an girls. Soooooo cute and fun to watch .
She loves it!!! Her friend Hudson is on her team and they are big buddies!

Ryan and I took Madi and Weston to bday breakfast at bobs in Ramer one of our favorite places to eat!

Madi mommy and daddy love you sooo much you are truly beautiful inside and out and we LOVE to watch you grow everyday!